Thank you Peder Hedberg Foundation

Pilgrim Pines would like to take this opportunity to recognize and honor the incredible work of the Peder Hedberg Foundation over the past six years.  The Foundation has announced that this year, 2017, will be their last year of active operation.  Before the sun sets on the Foundation, we, the Pilgrim Pines family, want to recognize and celebrate the Foundation's generosity and how that generosity has forever impacted Pilgrim Pines.

As many of you know, our friends at the Peder Hedberg Foundation have been engaged in various fund raising activities in memory of our dear brother, Peder Hedberg, who passed away in 2010.  The Hedberg family, Paul, Hope, Eric, Erikka and Peder are all beloved members of the Pilgrim Pines family.  The Foundation's focus has been to give to organizations that were important to Peder, programs that support children and families.  Pilgrim Pines was selected as one of these fortunate organizations.  Foundation gifts were always targeted at enhancing the camp experience for our guests.  This course of action was consistent with Peder's overall outlook on life, that being, an outlook of joyful engagement.   

To put it in perspective, let us turn our attention to how, specifically, the Foundation has blessed Pilgrim Pines over the years.  The following list of gifts sheds some light on the extent of the Foundation's generosity:

March 2011 / $5,000 / Kayaks
November 2011 / $6,500 / Disc Golf Course
November 2012 / $16,250 / Playscape
April 2013 / $6,000 / Playscape
December 2013 / $12,500 / Paddleboards and Water Inflatables
March 2014 / $4,000 / Mayflower Makeover - Blankets
December 2014 / $12,000 / Camp Squanto Climbing Wall
November 2015 / $12,000 / Camp Squanto Zipline
November 2016 / $10,000 / Fire Pit Gathering Patio - Mayflower

As you can see, The Peder Hedberg Foundation has blessed Pilgrim Pines many times over.  Evidence of the Foundation's affection for and commitment to Pilgrim Pines can be seen in so many ways and places across our campus.  It is only appropriate that we, the Pilgrim Pines family, recognize the Foundation for its incredible work and honor the many folks who have contributed to the Foundation's cause.  To the Peder Hedberg Foundation, we say THANK YOU!

As the Hedberg family moves forward in life, may they know that they are forever part of our Pilgrim Pines family.