About us

Pilgrim Pines is dedicated to providing fantastic programs for campers of all ages. From our children’s and youth camp, to our men’s and women’s conferences, the goal is the same – to create exciting experiences, memorable moments, and a safe place to meet God. Whether it is through our weekend retreat opportunities,  phenomenal worship and teaching, unforgettable camp activities, or simply relaxing by the lake, a camp experience at Pilgrim Pines provides a breath of fresh air in the midst of our hectic world.

Our Mission

Pilgrim Pines invites all people from their routines into opportunities to grow, experience renewal, and enjoy re-creation and relationships, so that they will experience God through Jesus Christ.

our core values

  • Biblically Based
  • Ministry Driven
  • Model Christian Values
  • Provide Exceptional Hospitality
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Honor our Heritage
  • Reflect Stewardship
  • Create Community
  • Embrace Change
  • Live with Integrity


Pilgrim Pines is more than just a camp. Pilgrim Pines is a community - a family. Pilgrim Pines is a place where relationships matter.  Relationships with family.  Relationships with old friends. Relationships with new friends. Relationships with Jesus.  

Pilgrim Pines is surrounded by pine trees. Pine trees are known to have a shallow root system.  This means that pine trees NEED other pine trees to survive.  Their roots intertwine and strengthen each other under the ground. 

We NEED each other to survive.  We need our roots, lives, stories to intertwine and strengthen each other.  We need Jesus to give us strength beneath the surface.  

Our logo represents community, nature, and the Trinity.  We invite you to come be a part of our family.  Come and experience a place where relationships matter.  

Calming environment, good to be one with nature in God’s creation.
— 2017 Family Camp Guest
My campers had amazing counselors who poured into their lives and affected them for the better
— Parent Camp Squanto campers

Our History

Pilgrim Pines, a ministry of the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, was the vision of a core group of people from the Cromwell, Connecticut area, who followed God’s leading to begin a camp prior to 1920.

With the growth of the Cromwell area, the camp was encroached upon by local neighborhoods and had little natural space for improvement. After a search, the current site was purchased. The Pines was a summer operation until the mid 1970’s after which volunteers built new facilities; summer, fall and spring events were added; and the first full-time director was hired. In 1984, Plymouth units were built to accommodate year-round guests.

Throughout history, Pilgrim Pines has been built on the vision to provide an enriching, God-honoring sanctuary that encourages and equips diverse people to seek and glorify God. It is through prayer, hard work and vision of our supporting churches, volunteers, donors, staff and leadership that Pilgrim Pines continues to thrive.