Why is the Lake so Low?

If you have been to Camp recently you may have noticed that our beach front has gotten a little bigger. You're probably wondering if there is a drought? Will it be this big this summer? I didn't know there are that many rocks by the Lakeside Cabins. Not to worry. The Lake has been lowered on purpose.

Every so often the town of Swanzey surveys the dam to make sure that it is working properly. Last year they noticed a leak. This fall they started lowering the lake so that they would be able to better understand the problem. As you can see in the picture they have begun working on the dam to fix the problem.

"Work repairing Swanzey Lake Dam started a little later than planned, however we expect the work to be completed before the end of December. This should give the lake plenty of time to refill for next summer (weather permitting)." - Town Administrator Michael Branley

So do not worry the Lake will be back to it's normal self soon enough. We aren't quite sure when the lake will be back to it's natural glory, but rest assured it will be before summer.