As we celebrate 60 years of ministry, we look back to honor our legacy and we look forward to embrace the future. We ask ourselves-

How can we honor those who have come before us by building upon the strong foundation that they have established?

How can we prepare for the next generation that will call Pilgrim Pines home?

How can we ensure that the ministry of Pilgrim Pines will thrive for the next 60 years?

We have been presented with a unique opportunity to create a sustainability fund that will provide financial resources for the future - called The Match Fund.

The Match Fund is a matching challenge opportunity presented by a generous family that has called Pilgrim Pines their spiritual retreat and home for nearly 60 years. As they reflect on the blessings that they have received through their experiences and relationships at Pilgrim Pines, they joyfully anticipate its role in the spiritual lives of generations to come.

This family has pledged a $600,000 donation as a matching challenge opportunity that will provide for the long term future and sustainability of Pilgrim Pines.

It only takes a spark to get a fire going.

Together, we accept this challenge as a “match” that will ignite the hearts of the Pilgrim Pines family. We ask you to join with us! We seek to raise $600,000 over the next two years.

The Match Fund will provide future financial resources so we can care for and improve our facilities, offer exceptional programs, provide scholarship opportunities, be innovative for the next generation, and so much more.

Together with God’s leading and your sacrificial support, we can honor our legacy and embrace our future!



In 2017, we cast a vision for a Financial Plan for Long Term Sustainability. We made it a priority to become financially healthy in order to ensure the success of the mission of Pilgrim Pines. Our financial history has been a pattern of playing “catch-up” without the proper reserves in place to ensure stability. The vision for the future includes a balanced operating budget, well maintained capital assets, and a plan for a healthy future.

Our major financial challenge has been the long term debt of over $1,700,000.

Funds that would otherwise support our operating budget and facility needs were tied up in servicing debt. The debt left a significant shortage in funds available for facility maintenance and improvements. Similarly, we had no margin in our operating budget to set funds aside for future opportunities or unforeseen challenges.

Over the past year, we have made remarkable progress towards reaching our vision! Pilgrim Pines has received funds of over $2,000,000

from generous donors and foundations and through partnership with the East Coast Conference. The long term debt of $1,730,000 has been paid off. $320,000 of funding has been applied to the long list of neglected capital needs. Thanks be to God!

Now, it is time for the third piece of this vision to come to life. Our goal is be financially positioned to take on new opportunities and to be prepared for unforeseen challenges. We believe that The Match Fund will accomplish this.



Starting with a generous pledge of $600,000, the goal is to match this pledge and to open the Match Fund with $1,200,000. These funds will be invested to provide future income to support the ministry of Pilgrim Pines. The investment income will be available for withdrawal while the initial investment of $1,200,000 will remain intact. Depending on the investment performance and compliance with fund policies, The Match Fund could provide between $48,000 and $72,000 each year.



In order to match the generous pledge of $600,000, we seek to raise $600,000 over the next two years. While our annual operating budget depends on $300,000 of undesignated giving, the $600,000 “match” will be donations received above and beyond our regular annual giving.

Gifts can be made as a one-time payment or you can set up annual, quarterly, or monthly payments. You can contribute by completing the enclosed contribution card or online at



How will The Match funds be used?

The Match Fund will provide funds to support and sustain the ministry of Pilgrim Pines. Fund may be allocated towards facility improvements, future building projects, programs expansion, staff development, or other areas that will promote and fulfill the mission of camp. We invite you to dream with us as we cast a vision for the future.

We are in a unique place in our history, and we are using this season as a time for gratitude and discernment. The purpose of The Match Fund is to provide long term sustainability and to allow us to be prepared for the future. We envision a future for Pilgrim Pines that stays true to our roots and to our mission. Pilgrim Pines will always be a place where people come to encounter Jesus Christ through relationships, rest, and recreation.



We have been presented with this amazing opportunity to plan for the future, and be prepared for opportunities as well as challenges. Our goal is pass on a legacy that is proactive instead of reactive. Join with us as we set the table well for the next 60 years.