Meet our Full Time Staff

listed in their order of appearance...or alphabetical.  

Erik arvidson, guest services

I have felt God's calling on my life to enter full-time ministry and heard God's desire to use the gifts He has given me in new ways.  I love knowing that everything I do here, every interaction is aiding in advancing God's kingdom.  Working in a place that facilitates revitalization and retreat with God empowers me to do the same in my walk with Him. 

Pilgrim Pines is a safe place of rest, retreat, revitalization where people can experience rest in God and grow in their relationship with Him. 

I love music, singing, and playing guitar.  You'll find me leading worship at church, or spending time with my wife and 2 children.


BEth bastoni, Housekeeping

I came to visit friends at Pilgrim Pines and I never left.  This is a special community of people, staff and guests, with common values of commitment, acceptance, and making a difference in people's lives.  

Pilgrim Pines is a place where people can relax, rejuvenate, and experience personal growth. 

Kiss of the sun.
Song of the birds.
You’re closer to God’s heart in a garden than any place on Earth.
— Dorothy Francis Gurney

Jim condap, ministry director

As a young boy, my experience at Camp Squanto was life changing.  As I grew and experienced the love of Christ, the call to ministry was clear.  My life was changed at camp.  The call to come back and serve camp was undeniable. 


I love the people who come to camp and the shared times of conversation, laughter, fun and deep meaning.  Friends have become family. 

Our purpose is to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and to help create an environment where all people can experience the grace and love of Jesus. 

I love spending time with my family, enjoying live music, watching New England sports teams, cutting grass, and reading. 

Shawn deraps, food service director

I was brought to Pilgrim Pines by my desire to work for the Lord.  This is a place where I can be with like-minded individuals all working together for the Good.  

Pilgrim Pines is a ministry that brings all people together searching for a deeper understanding of and relationship with Jesus.  I love talking to guests about the workings of the Holy Spirit and how God is showing his faithfulness to his people.  


joe gaylord, ministry staff

I grew up at Covenant Pines in Minnesota.  After attending North Park University, I was looking for a new experience and found Pilgrim Pines.

I love frisbee, searching for Pokemon, and Mountain Dew.  


dave kennedy, facilities

What brought me to Pilgrim Pines?  My truck!

I enjoy working with the cool people here.  To me, Pilgrim Pines is a community of like-minded and spirited folks who share what we have with others and grow closer to God.  

When I'm not working, I'm grilling steaks and eating french fries!

karen manlove, FInance Director

I grew up as a Season Siter at Mayflower Family Camp and a Camp Squanto camper. Growing up, I couldn't get enough of Pilgrim Pines.  This place has shaped my faith, friendships, and family.

Pilgrim Pines is a place where you can revel in God's creation.  I am always learning here - from formal spiritual teachings to sharing with others in community.  This is my spiritual home in many ways. 

I love watching my own children grow up in this Pines community.  They can play, develop relationships, and experience the love of Jesus here. Pilgrim Pines is way more than a place - it's a family. 


kayla o'donnell, marketing

I have been coming to the Pines since I was a very small child.  I worked on summer staff and now I am on full time staff.  I love it here and want to help make it great for everyone that comes, just like others did for me. 

I love the community here and how I am challenged and able to grow.  It's a great work environment.  I love it!

Pilgrim Pines is a safe and welcoming environment where people come to grow, rejuvenate, and be with God.  It's a place where people come to be themselves. 

When I'm not working, you'll find me at Starbucks, traveling, hanging with friends, reading, or kayaking. 


david page, facilities director

After moving from Alaska to New England, I was recruited by Pastor Nelson who married my wife and I at the Pines chapel to come work at Pilgrim Pines.  I love working and serving with people from so many varieties of life.  

I get to work in a beautiful outdoor setting and do something different every day.  Pilgrim Pines provides a place for people to meet, learn, and grow in Christ.  

I love traveling to visit family and exploring the world.




Kelsey Shears, Ministry Staff


I grew up coming here to Family Camp and Camp Squanto and I never left!  I love working here because I get to wake up each morning at my favorite place.  I love working in a Christian environment and having homefries every morning. 

Pilgrim Pines is a space and atmosphere where people can come to know Christ and grow closer to Him, find relaxation, and form new relationships that last a lifetime. 

I love running, cooking, hiking, eating really good food, traveling, anything outdoors, being with my husband, and pulling pranks on people. 

jason st. hilaire, food service


You can find Jason in our camp kitchen where he is always smiling and creating great tasting food for our happy campers. Jason enjoys spending time with his family and all things Star Wars.


michaela stottish, ministry staff


I was looking for a year round internship to discern a calling in camping ministry while I take a year off from Penn State University to figure out my future.  I have a simple motto in life that I live by: love God and love others.  I think that's really what Pilgrim Pines is all about.  It exists to provide an opportunity for others to encounter God. 

I love being in community, pottery, art, and printmaking.